Our Story

Mosaic Internet Designs is a small company with BIG ideas. At Mosaic, we are focused on providing innovative solutions for your real world e-business needs. We work closely with our clients to define success and we develop the solutions that achieve their goals. Whether your success is defined as a simple site that stands as an elegant online advertisement for your business or a database driven e-business solution that dramatically streamlines your operations, Mosaic Internet Designs will deliver. We know that Return on Investment can be defined in any number of ways, and has. At Mosaic, we will work with you to deliver the measurable results that are directly relevant to you.

Five Step Process for Success

"Because we deal with finite resources and limited skill sets in the real world, Web development is more an art than a science. It is an art that requires you to make the best product with the resources available." Why do we have a 100% success rate with our projects? Simple. With every project, big or small, we follow a proven methodology for creating success. It is called the 5 Step Process.

Everything begins as a thought. Ideas are the seeds. Conceptualization is the process of developing the vision and the strategy for the project. This is where we define the site’s purpose and set out clear end goals.

Also called information architecture, this is where we prepare the transactional, navigational and hierarchical structure of the site’s content.

Time for the execution of the plan. This includes generating all the required code and graphics, conducting extensive usability testing and launching the site onto the World Wide Web.

This is an ongoing phase in the lifecycle of a web site. Refinements and site updates characterize this stage.

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The Bottom up Approach

The Bottom-Up approach is simply designing for the user of the site. Too often, the temptation is to begin designing and then hope to conform your users to the site's design. We start of the flip side. During the conceptualization, design and analysis, user scenarios are developed to address how the site will be used. Through this process, the look, feel and functionality of the web site emerges. In a nutshell: the site is designed for the people that will be using it.

For the more technically minded

For those of you who understand all the jargon, here is a snapshot of our capabilities: We program using ASP, VB Script, SQL, DHTML and JavaScript We markup using HTML, XHTML, and CSS We store data using MS SQL Server and Access

We deliver results. You are the focus.