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Dick Mynen President, CNRG International Inc.

Thanks again Tige for a job that is 200% to satisfaction. The site looks great, a total departure from what we had and yet still maintains a connection to our branding that some people would recognise and then looks completely relevant and bold in today's market. The content management system is ideal and works great! I could not be more pleased with the outcome. Email: Web:

Kentucky Douglas President, The Peninsula Publishing Crew Ltd.

Mosaic Designs created my company's web site two years ago and have updated, tweaked, added and improved it along the way. They have under-promised and over-delivered from day one! Tige Johnson has bent over backwards to accommodate all of our requests. We are very impressed with this company, it's integrity and commitment to excellence and would highly recommend them to any company that is serious about building a long term successful business! Kentucky Douglas President & Publisher The Peninsula Publishing Crew Ltd. Direct Phone: (250) 652-3329 Email: Web:

Jim Laing Owner, Laing's Lock & key Service LTD

Mosaic Designs produced my web site a short time ago. I was a little nervous about the unknown until the first conversation with Tige Johnson. Not only did he create a great web page but he took care of all the other little details I knew nothing about. It was a pleasure to do business with Tige Johnson. I strongly recommend Mosaic Designs and I look forward to a long lasting business relationship well into the future. Kindest Regards, Jim Laing Laing's Lock & Key Service Ltd Phone: 250-652-2923 Email: Web:

Dick Mynen GIS Manager, Geomatics, TDB Consultants Inc.

"Another job well done Tige!!! Even under extreme timelines you have come through with a great product. One which exceeded our expectations, even though you have already set the standard high in the past, you have raised it further. Very much appreciated and we are all certainly thankful for the amount of effort and time you expended for this sudden project. The comments are coming back with rave reviews already. We are anticipating a very good reception to the product from our clients. It was shipped off this morning and is now in transit, so take the time to give yourself a good pat on the back. Thanks from all of us at TDB !!!!!" A note about this testimonial... The testimonial above is referring to a series of projects commissioned by TDB Consultants. The projects were for Burlington Resources Ltd. and were essentially online road upgrade proposals, or what later came to be known as a VRP (Virtual Resource Plan). The objective was to present vast amounts of information in a self contained web site that could be put onto a CD and mailed to relevant parties in the provincial government for approval. The site was designed to house all the data and to work from the CD on any PC using Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. The project was a tremendous success and has spawned interest in similar designs as far away as South America. The following proposal has been stored online for example purposes. You must be using Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher to view the site. All materials contained in the example site below is copyright TDB Consultants Inc. The Red Willow Proposed Petroleum Road Upgrade Plan

Dianne Fowlie, WordCraft Proofreading and Editing

"One of my best business decisions was using Mosaic Internet Designs to develop my web site. It's a pleasure to collaborate with someone who enjoys their craft as much as Tige does. The process: thoughtful questions, regular feedback, creative flair, and technical know-how. The result: a clean and concise web site that truly represents both my personality and my business image. Kudos to Tige Johnson and Mosaic Internet Designs!" View Dianne's site at

Kristen and Ken McIntosh, KJM Sales Ltd.

"Working with Tige Johnson and Mosaic Internet Designs to produce was continually impressive and extremely professional. Tige's ability to see our vision from the very beginning, gave us complete faith in his creative brilliance and site production expertise. He was always accomodating to our hectic schedules, and was everso courteous and prompt in responding. We really appreciated Tige's simple approach, but high standards, in creating a site that has been a definate asset to our company.KJM Sales Ltd. received exceptional value, superior service and a notable experience working with Mosaic Internet Designs."

Alan Sidorov, Sidorov Sports Consultants Inc.

Early in 2005 it became apparent that my company, Sidorov Sports Consultants Inc., needed a web site to further growth of one of the divisions, Sidorov Precision Driver Training. I initially built my own site, which was educational and would have been adequate for an amateur effort. However, as an expert in my own field I respect the work of fellow professionals, and the site was turned over to Tige Johnson at Mosaic Designs. Tige brings both technical skills and artistry to his work. In addition, I always felt part of the process, and am still in full control of the finished product. This gives the option of doing changes and updates myself at any time, or alternatively passing more complex projects over to Mosaic Designs. I recommend Tige Johnson and Mosaic Designs to any individual or business seeking a focused and personalized web site." Alan Sidorov Sidorov Sports Consultants Inc. Web:

Allen Hines Administrator, Shooter's Pub Rec Hockey League:

I am the administrator for the Shooter's Pub P.G. Recreation Hockey League. Tige Johnson of Mosaic Internet Designs has spent the last number of months developing a web site for our league. We recently opened the site to the general public and have received nothing but great reviews. Tige has developed a fantastic product for us and I would recommend his company to anyone interested in developing a web site. From our first meeting through today he has been very professional in his approach to the business. Tige was able to take our vision of what we wanted in a web site and make it a reality. I think that the product he has created for us speaks volumes for his abilities. Our web site address is Check it out, and then check out some of the other sites that are involved in hockey including the WHL site. That is probably the best example of the abilities that you have the opportunity to put to work for you. I give Tige Johnson of Mosaic Internet designs my highest recommendation. Allen Hines Administrator, Shooters Pub Rec Hockey League Web:

Sid Doucette CENTURY 21 Doucette Realty:

"Our office, Century 21 Doucette Realty, hired Tige to make our company's web site, located at We are extremely please with the results of the project. Our site now receives over 700 unique user sessions per month. The site has brought business to us, and with the commissions earned to date, has exceeded the cost of preparing the site. Tige has all the technical knowledge required to make the site interesting and profitable. He is also able to communicate in away that does not confuse a person. We would highly recommend Tige Johnson to anyone looking to have a website made."

Sonya Aven Stepping Out Singles:

"This is a letter of reference for Tige Johnson, owner of Mosaic Internet Designs. I have personally known Tige for several years, before either of us were business owners, and have always admired him for his straightforwardness, persistence and honesty as a person. Earlier this year I began to search out a web developer to help me in designing and building a comprehensive web site for my introduction/dating agency. Although I had begun work with another developer, I was so impressed with Tige's tenacity and professionalism when he approached me that I actually switched my web developer midstream, at a small financial cost to myself. It was defiantly worth the effort. Tige is truly gifted not only in his ability to work with his clients and understand their needs, but he is talented with his design work and constantly met deadlines. He was eager to communicate daily during the site development, and I never felt I had to 'chase' him for updates or information. He was also very patient with me (I tend to be demanding where my company is concerned), and answered all questions to my satisfaction.

Kerstin Peterson WorkWorks Editing Services:

"Tige Johnson worked patiently with me to incorporate all my ideas and numerous revisions, and added his keen sense of design. He has the rare combination of technical expertise and creative flair; in addition, he is a pleasure to work with."

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